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My Favorite Supplements to Boost the Immune System

A healthy immune system is a foundational block to prevent and heal from disease. There are many ways to maintain and boost the immune system naturally, including nutrition - eating a clean, organic, unprocessed, diet, plenty exercise, ample hydration, getting enough sun and time in nature, mental and emotional balance, strong spiritual foundation and practice, support from a reliable community, a sense of purpose and love for life and more.

Each of these areas can be discussed in more detail. (For example check out my post: 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Using Nutrition.)

However, I wanted to focus this post on natural supplements that can assist with boosting the immune system. In certain situations, when we are not able to provide the body with the amount and type of nutrients it needs from diet and lisfetysle alone, strategic supplementation can be of much help to boost the immune system. So which vitamins and supplements are great to support the immune system during sickness or in general?

My Favorite Immune Boosting Supplements:

Additional options:

Additional resources:

Shop my favorites in each category by clicking on the links above or shop the entire list in my Fullscript Dispensary's Immune Health Protocol. Click below to create / log into your Fullscript account, then find Protocols under "Recommendations" and "Shared Protocols".

*Note: Nothing contained here is medical advice. These are simply suggestions based on things that have helped me. You should research what is best for you.

Stay happy and healthy,



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