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Health Coaching

My Mission as Your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help my clients on their quest to creating health, balance, joy, love, success and fulfillment in their lives by sharing ideas, resources, information, inspiration, motivation and support. 


My health coaching programs help individuals and groups identify and explore areas in their lives that need balancing - be it health, nutrition, exercise, weight, relationships, career, spirituality or other aspects of their lives – by looking at the individual as a whole and seeing how each area is interrelated with others, thus needing to be approached as a part of the whole rather than singled out. 


Lasting lifestyle and behavioral change occurs if we address not only the symptoms, but also find the root cause of our problems, as well as understand how it has an impact in many areas of our wellbeing. 


My goal is to help people honestly see and examine their lives, and take steps to make the necessary changes to reach their health and life goals.


Many of my clients come to me asking for help with weight loss/gain issues, digestive problems, dietary questions, allergies, and other medical conditions, but as they go through my programs, together we explore the contributors to their issues. We addressing exercise, relationships, spirituality, sleep, motivation, career and many other areas. 


Together we create a path to healing by developing a customized program with specific goals and milestones, and by providing a safe environment and lots of personal support in their journey.


What we eat is only “secondary food”.  It is the “primary foods” - loving relationships, exercise, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice - that nourish us foremost, overriding “secondary foods”. We can eat as much healthy food as we want if we starve in the areas of primary foods. Our health and wellbeing will suffer and no amount of broccoli can cure that!


However, proper nutrition is a very important element in creating optimal health. Nutrition doesn't have to be so complicated! We have lost touch with our bodies and suppressed our innate ability to listen to what our body is telling us. But we can re-learn to listen to and understand what our body needs to live healthier and happier lives! 


In my health coaching practice I emphasize eating a clean, whole food diet, creating an achievable and realistic exercise routine, and I encourage addressing areas of loving relationships, fulfilling careers and contributions to society, and finding and developing our own spiritual practice to guide us through our journey of life. I work hand-in-hand with my clients, providing encouragement, support and accountability, and celebrate their progress with them. 

Together, we can make lasting changes in your health, that will have a ripple effect far beyond your own wellbeing!

Contact me to set up your FREE 15-minute initial  consultation and let your health journey begin!

Contact me to set up your FREE 15-minute initial  consultation to start your health journey!
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