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Are You Ready to Take a Leap of Faith and Change Your Life?

I wasn’t. I wanted change. Asked for it. Prayed for it. But I was frozen in inaction. Frustrated. Deflated. Nearing hopelessness.

Then Healy came into my life. This little device has completely changed my life in just 2 months.

Yes, you read that right.

Just 2 months ago, I was at a point in my life where I was going on autopilot. A full year had gone by since I left my job of almost 5 years, and I was mentally, energetically and emotionally exhausted.

I am grateful that I was able to allow myself some time to rest and ponder what way to go. But the expectations I had for how long this uncertain in-between period would last and where I would land at the end were completely unmet.

I hoped that the time off and away from the daily 8-5 work routine would reignite my creativity, spark new ideas and land me with a certain direction for the next very clear chapter in my life.

Well, that didn’t happen. And when the one-year landmark of my quasi-“rest” period arrived, I found myself almost more anxious, confused and without any clear idea about what to do next.

I put so much pressure on myself that I became closed off energetically from receiving any inner guidance. The vibration of my asking was completely unaligned with the vibrations of the things and life I wanted to receive. In Esther/Abraham Hicks’ words, I was tuned into a completely different radio station than my desires.

And then one day, during an episode of emotional rock bottom and in the state of self-sorry victim mentality, I came across an Instagram post from someone sharing about Healy, this little leading-edge quantum and frequency device.

I don’t recall what exactly about that post spoke to me the most, because we all see product and experience testimonies on a daily basis. I own and use several health and bio hacking products personally and in my practice.

(I now KNOW EXACTLY what it was: the energetic alignment of something coming into my life that I have been asking for and finally let my guard and resistance down enough for it to come into my life and receive it.)

But something that day, about that post and device called out to me. So I began doing my research - what I really do best when I come across a new topic I’m interested in.

And what I found out blew my mind. The state of the art, I would even say "futuristic", technology behind the Healy was something that intrigued me so much and I felt a very clear pull towards it.

Just opening myself to the possibilities began a subtle shift allowing for alignment.

One thing led to another and I found myself energized and excited just a bit more than the previous days and weeks. So I kept going without thinking too much about it all. I spoke with people from the Healy community; learned more about the device and the greater vision and felt even more alignment. One day I realized that I was starting to plan and run different business scenarios in my head. I felt a pull to jump in.

So I did. I took a leap into a territory of unknown even despite prejudices and fears I had in my head.

It was the best decision!  When you make a decision, the universe aligns all resources to help along the way.

Here are some quite significant changes that have transpired over the past two month since saying YES to Healy:

  • My overall health and wellbeing (sleep, pain, hormones, mood, etc) have improved tremendously

  • I have become a part of a community of amazing, health-conscious, passionate, like-minded,  creative, heart-drive , entrepreneurial, business-savvy people with leading edge vision to transform how we look at health, wellbeing, wealth and leveraged income

  • I have participated in weekly mastermind-level workshops learning about the unique business and support model, social media, wealth generation, wellbeing, networking and other really neat topics

  • I have been supported on a daily basis by my amazing mentor and team

  • I have been able to handpick, create and grow a kicka$$ A-team crafting a vision to reach, educate and impact many lives

  • I have begun facing and dealing with some long-lingering self-sabotaging fear and behavior patterns that have been holding me back from my potential and keeping me playing it safe and small

  • I have challenged myself to come out of “hiding” and show myself to the world and share what I have / know / do / aspire for

  • And for the first time in 15-months, I shed the feelings of shame, embarrassment and failure I have harbored the past 15 months

Not bad, right?

As I reflect, I realize that I HAVE COME A LONG WAY IN 2 SHORT MONTHS. I have gained more momentum than the past 7 years altogether. Certainly more excitement and alignment.  More creativity. More singing heart. More feeling abundance. More fun. More connection. More “what more is possible”?

I like it. I like this unfamiliar territory. It does scare me at times. But I’m all in for the ride.

I hope you are feeling this way where you are at in your life.  And if you are not, know that you can. Don’t settle to the naysaying voice in your head that “this is it for me” and “life is ok, maybe I should just settle”. Don’t.

And if you are ready to create a different life, one that is abundant in a more diverse way than just financial (that too, just more), and if any of this resonates with you, I would love to connect with you. ❤️

Stay happy and healthy,



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