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DETOX Your Body from Environmental Toxins

With all the environmental poisons from air, water, food, heavy metals, plastics, EMFs, etc. that we are bombarded on a daily basis, our bodies need extra support to detox and stay healthy. (Before you begin any detox protocol, support your DRAINAGE PATHWAYS to make sure that they are open and will be able to handle the detox. Visit my DRAINAGE PATHWAYS PROTOCOL for more info and recommendations.)

The good news is that nature has abundantly available foods and herbs that can help our bodies in the detoxification process. I am sure you have heard of the amazing cleansing and healing of celery juice, beets, parsley, cilantro, garlic, and many other plants, herbs and ingredients. Incorporating a variety of these into your daily diet and health regimen is the best way to consistently aid the body in the natural elimination process. This approach is my favorite. (Check you Eva's Simple Detox Green Smoothie and Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie for easy examples of daily detox-aiding foods.)

It is also a good idea to consider doing a more focused detox program periodically (1-2 times a year or as your healthcare practitioner advises) for a more complete flush of your system. It is best to do this with the guidance and oversight of a healthcare practitioner.

To assist my body through detox, in addition to a clean, organic, detox diet, I also incorporate certain vitamins and supplements to further support the cleansing process.

Here are my favorite products to use to assist the body with detoxing. I included some options within some categories to choose what form works best (liquid, capsules, powder, etc).

*Note: Nothing contained here is medical advice. These are simply suggestions based on things that have helped me. You should research what is best for you.

Supplements to assist with environmental detox :

Other beneficial detox support products:

Shop my favorites in each category by clicking on the links above or shop the entire list in my Fullscript Dispensary's Environmental Detox Protocol. Click below to create / log into your Fullscript account, then find Protocols under "Recommendations" and "Shared Protocols".

Stay happy and healthy,



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