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Spiral, Spiral....Zucchini Noodles!

Have you tried swapping zucchini for your traditional spaghetti?

It is such an easy way to add more vegetables to your meals while also cutting out some highly processed grains.

Did you know that even if you opt for the "healthy" whole grain version of pasta, its glycemic index will be close to as high as that of white bread? This does not really make whole grain pasta "healthy"!

Here is why:

"Grains in their natural form have a low glycemic index, while processed carbohydrates, especially those made with flour or puffed grains, have a high GI.

The reason is that it takes longer for digestive enzymes to reach the starch inside whole grains or grains cracked into large pieces, slowing down the conversion of starch to sugar.

Pulverized grains have a tremendous surface area for enzymes to work on. This leads to quick starch-sugar conversions that spike blood sugar levels, creating dips later on that can prompt more consumption of pulverized grains, and the cycle continues."

(Dr. Andrew Weil)

If you think you can't live without pasta, try these tricks:

  1. Cut your pasta portion in half and increasing your side vegetables.

  2. Add more healthy fats to your meals, including olive oil, avocados, grass fed/organic butter, etc.

  3. Practice mindful eating - give thanks before your meal, chew each bite 20-30 times, pause frequently between bites, pay attention to eating without distraction, think about the food (texture, smell, taste, feel in your mouth, etc)

  4. Add in to crowd out - slowly start adding more of the good stuff (vegetables and healthy fats), eat those first, leaving less room for the other foods

  5. Serve smaller portions altogether, so you don't feel like you must clear your large plate even when no longer are hungry

  6. Watch your body's signals for when you get full. Stop eating at that point.

Use zucchini noodles to substitute pasta in any dish. And enjoy the health benefits!

Stay happy and healthy,


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