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Get yourself some Zzzzzzz........aka How to Get the Best Night's Sleep!

Want to know what helped me finally have an uninterrupted night of SLEEP?

No waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, no stirring for noises, just DEEP DEEP sleep?

My new ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS I made up last night! I used Carrie Vitt's (Deliciously Organic) recipes (with some modifications) to make up 3 bottles of blends:

Adrenal Blend - Rosemary, Clove, Wild Orange

Thyroid Blend - Clove, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lemongrass

Sleepy blend - Serenity, Lavender and Cedarwood.

Sleep is directly correlated with adrenal and thyroid health so supporting those functions will result in much better quality sleep!!!

I used these these cute purple rollerball bottles and added 20 drops of each oil and then topped it off with fractionated coconut oil to dilute the blend. This way, I can conveniently just roll the oils on my feet (the reflex points for those organs I am supporting), the back of my neck or the area of concern.


Interested in learning more about essential oils? Sign up for one of my upcoming essential oil classes and my newsletter!

Stay happy and healthy and get some good zzzzzzz......,


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