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Event Speaking

Speaking Engagements

Ok....If there is one thing I do well, that is public speaking! It is certainly an acquired skill that I had worked hard to get and continue to improve, but nevertheless, it is something that I now truly enjoy doing and I am quite good at:)  Some say it is my passion for the topic or my engaging style of delivery, the ability to talk about serious topics lightly and my connection with the audience that make me a good speaker. I am not sure, you can decide for yourself!


So if you have a health and wellness related event for which you need a speaker and presenter, I am available for special events to present on a multitude of health, nutrition and wellness-related topics in a fun, motivational, relatable, yet informative way. Be it your next lunch-and-learn, conference, school event or company health initiative, I am here to contribute to reaching your health and educational goals!


Contact me to schedule a speaking event! Let's have some fun and learn something valuable together!

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