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Mature & Aging Skin, Hair & Nails - How to Reverse or Slow Down

As life expectancy increases, concerns surrounding skin and its integrity while aging increase. Environmental factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, and lifestyle choices all play a role in eliciting premature aging and damaging skin cells. Genetic factors such as ethnicity and gender also play a role.

Hydration levels in skin are found to inversely correlate with age. Elasticity determined by collagen production also decreases. Texture may also change with age as the dermis thins and roughness increases. Increased depth and number of wrinkles occur as well. Addressing these common hallmarks of aging skin may help preserve youthfulness and prevent further damage to the skin barrier.

Simple and easy ways to slow down skin aging and repair damage:

  • Eat a clean, organic, whole food diet including plenty of grass fed organ meat for collagen

  • Get enough sleep - aim for between 7-9 hours of quality sleep at night.

  • Get some sun - get your Vitamin D directly from the sun. Spend about 30 min in direct noon-time sun without sunscreen. Be smart about over-exposure and avoid burning.

  • Exercise - get regular exercise at least 3-4 times a day. It doesn't have to be high impact. A long walk goes a long way.

  • Hydrate - get plenty of filtered water to hydrate. Another good option is coconut water mixed with water for extra hydration.

  • Supplement with skin, hair and nail boosting supplements.

  • Use infrared light therapy - improves acne, fine lines and psoriasis (click link for my favorite Sauna Space Photon infrared therapy light)

  • Use organic, clean, toxin-free skin, hair and nail products - your skin is your largest organ and quickly absorbs toxins found in conventional beauty products. Read labels and use helpful guides such as EWG's Skin Deep database and their Healthy Living APP to easily search for clean cosmetics and/or scan products for clean ratings. Also, less is often more when it comes to beauty products.

Here are my favorite supplements for aging skin repair:

  • Oral Hylaruonic Acid - increases hydration and elasticity, decreases fine lines, improves skin barrier functions

  • NMN - NAD pre-cursor, protects from UV damage, slows/reverses skin aging

  • Astaxanthin - protects from / reverses UV damage, improves skin wrinkle and elasticity on crows feet, skin texture and moisture

  • Pycnogenol - improves skin hydration, skin elasticity, reduces age spot pigmentation

  • Turmeric (in herbal combination from) - improves dry skin, hydration, and facial redness

  • Ubiquinol CoQ10 - protects from environmental stressors, improves skin tone, reduces appearance of fine lines, energizes skin

  • Verisol Collagen - improves wrinkles, roughness, density, firmness, moisture and elasticity, helps hair and cellulite

  • Alpha-Ketoglutarate - increases procollagen, helps reverse gray hair

  • Spermidine - increases collagen, elastin and lipid function in skin, increases / improves keratin for stronger hair, nails

Shop my favorites by clicking on the links above or shop the entire list in my Fullscript Dispensary's Mature and Aging Skin, Hair & Nails Protocol. Click below to create / log into your Fullscript account, then find Protocols under "Recommendations" and "Shared Protocols".

Stay happy and healthy,



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