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We need to celebrate accomplishments. Big or small.

"It is when we celebrate it that something becomes real"

Take time to celebrate reaching your goals and milestones.

Today, I am celebrating a simple small thing. I have stuck to my commitment from earlier this week to make exercise a daily routine again. And I am happy to report that day 5 got a check mark, too. Beach time for me now:)

The inflection point - the point when it is no longer a drag to do something but more like a good feeling of needing it - usually comes around day 5-7 for me.

Week 2 of working to turn something into a habit is usually spent on a high note, then by week 3, I get a bit tired again.

But the breakthrough always arrives around the 21-day mark, the time it takes for most people to turn an action into a habit.

I find that consciously knowing that there are going to be ups and downs, anticipating and expecting them, helps me work through these emotions and keep me going.

So whatever you are working towards turning into a habit, know that the journey will have ups and downs but soon the waves will even out and it gets easier and easier to keep the habit the longer you hold onto it.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true, the longer we hold on to bad or destructive habits, the longer it takes to let go of them.

That is why I believe in gradual but consistent changes rather than shocks to the body.

So today, celebrate yourself, wherever you are on. your journey.

Stay happy and healthy,


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