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How Toxic is Your Skincare Product? And What to Do About it....

Here we go again....Another topic I am so passionate about: non-toxic skincare...

When was the last time you actually looked at the label on the back of your lotion's container? Or your face cream's box? Or your hand soap's bottle? Unless you are obsessed like I am, probably a while ago.....or...maybe never?

I sure hadn't looked until I stated transitioning to clean eating, which then kind of spilled over to "clean" cleaning, then non-toxic beauty care....and so on. But this is so important, so stay with me and let me explain why!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so we need to be extra careful with what we put on it! Commercial and well-know brand names are most often loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins even when there are claims such as "all natural", "sensitive" or "dermatologist recommended".

These claims are fantastic marketing tools for companies to sell there products but really do not guarantee that the products are not harmful.

An example is Neutrogena's Pure and Free Baby sunscreen....a brand name that is so well marketed as "dermatologist recommended", yet it is ranked 10 our of 10 on the Environmental Working Group's Skindeep database for toxicity!!!!

It contains RETINYL ACETATE (VITAMIN A ACETATE), which has concerns listed such as: "Biochemical or cellular level changes, Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Use restrictions!" (EWG)

It also contains METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, which has concerns listed such as: "Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Neurotoxicity, Use restrictions!" (EWG)

It is outrageous that this is a product that is meant to be used on babies, whose immune system is even more sensitive to toxins!!

I personally limit the use of all commercial skincare products, and use homemade ones (using pure ingredients and essential oils) AND well-researched products that I trust.

It's not about being perfect and having all of your skincare products be completely nontoxic and homemade. It is about making educated decisions to meet a number of criteria:

  • Safety

  • Budget

  • Convenience

  • Availability

For example, we have been using Alba Botanica's body lotion. This is a more natural brand, yet, not all their products rank low in toxicity.

Simple swaps can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

The BLUE product on the left ranks as 6 out of 10. The brown is a 3/10. Price is the isn't it a simple swap to use the one the has a lower toxicity level?

It is the little things that all add up, making a big difference.

EWG's Skindeep database is a free resource I use to look up products. And they also have a convenient APP that scans barcodes and tells you details about the product. (I do not receive any commission for promoting this APP).

Learning to read labels and see beyond the fancy messages of advertisements will surely pay off when it comes to making empowered decisions about your own health!

Happy "skin care detoxing",


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