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Cooking Demos



.....When you hear the word, some people get excited others want to run for their life! No matter which group you fall under, the fact is, our generation and our children have become so removed from their food because we have never been taught the skills that our mothers and grandmothers knew: cooking our own food!!!


It's easy! It's simple! It's healthy! And it is so rewarding!


  • So are you ready to learn how to cook amazingly nutritious, mouthwateringly delicious, simple and easy meals?

  • Do you want to host a cooking party for your family and friends?

  • Or do you just simply want to have someone take the "burden" of cooking healthy meals off your shoulders? 


Sign up for one of my upcoming cooking classes here!




Or schedule your private cooking lesson!


You will learn:

  • How to select and where to find the cleanest ingredients with the highest nutritional value

  • Ways to prepare food to retain vitamins and nutrients in your final meal

  • To cook once and eat twice (or three times) to save on time and hassle

  • To properly store and reuse leftovers

  • To substitute ingredients so that you can prepare your favorite traditional recipes in a healthy way


Schedule a private cooking lesson today and let the fun begin!

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