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Health is a Journey...

Not a Destination.

Welcome to Crave2Live, your destination for NATURAL overall well-being, health coaching, workshops,
information, whole food recipes, essential oils... and a little support in this crazy journey called LIFE!

Not feeling your best self? Craving to feel healthy and vibrant?


Join us and together we will honestly examine your life and make the necessary dietary and lifestyle

changes to transform your well-being! We will help you become the best version of your Lovely Self!

Your cravings for better health & wellness begin here:
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A selection of videos, blogs and inspiration for your day! 
Food should be simple, easy, and nutritious. It can be all 3!
Beauty is the combination of a healthy body and a happy heart.
Cleaning your home without bringing new toxins in.
Your health is your greatest wealth. Learn how to maximize it.  
Find out about the benefits of using Essential Oils!
Check out my article, How to Heal Your Gut After Antibiotics!
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Hello! I'm Eva Aspegren, Integrative Nutrition
Health Coach, Blogger, and Lover of Life! 

I am also a healthy and wholesome eating expert, recipe-“healthifying” pro, mother of 2 amazing kids, and the founder of Crave2Live Health and Wellness.


I am passionate about helping people learn how to implement healthy changes into their lifestyle, be it in their food, beauty, home or natural health and wellness, one step at a time.


My goal is to empower you to take your health back into your own hands! I will help you navigate through your health challenges and explore alternative and natural ways to restore your overall wellbeing. I will encourage, educate, inspire and motivat you on your quest to creating balance, joy, love, success and fulfillment in your life. 

Thank you for being part of the Crave2Live "family"!


Stay happy and healthy,

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